• Corporate Catering Toronto

    That was on point. My mother agrees. I told her to make it like you from now on LOLLL. Definitely some of the best Ox Tail I ever had.

    Also, I could’ve eaten that rice n peas by itself with nothing else, was on point as well. Now don’t be like those restaurants and fall off next time I come around for more.

    9/10, I prefer mine a little sweeter with tomato and peppers but you couldn’t have known that. Still, overall excellent and top quality you could run a restaurant bro, think about it.

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  • Corporate Catering Toronto

    The food is delicious, chicken was perfectly cooked , the coleslaw is one of the best I had , plantains were great , rice was on point

    Don’t know what to tell you…

    It was the perfectly spicy , surprised at how it’s not too much or too little.

    Great amount , maybe even too much …maybe I would add a touch of jerk sauce into the rice

    Definitely will order again on my shifts.

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  • Corporate Catering Toronto

    Thanks for the awesome morning surprise. The samosa was incredible. Amazing crust, tender filling, plenty of taste and a little spice to top it off… well done my friend.

    Nan – If there’s an opportunity to leverage Mr. Jones’ amazing skills for a future social fundraiser, he has my vote for sure. Ayinde says he’s able to make and bring in samosas (and other food) by the hundreds if we need it.